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This album was born in a garage in North Phoenix in 2011 and wouldn't be the finished product before you if it weren't for the support of countless people that have affected us over the years. Thanks to our friends for hanging out with us at practice and coming to our shows, our families for dealing with the noise back in the day, and all the people that in any number of ways added a little piece of themselves to this collection of songs. This is just the beginning.
2014, Flagstaff, AZ


released October 15, 2014

Ben Alfich: Drums/Skramz
Jermaine Barkley: Lead Vocals
Tanner Norquist: Guitar/Vox
Nick Ponticello: Guitar/Vox
Colton Westerman: Bass

Produced by Ian Isom
Album Art by Storie Simpson



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Not Nearly Flagstaff, Arizona

We are a Flagstaff, AZ post-hardcore band (with math chunks and emo swirls).

Ben Alfich: Drums
Colton Westerman: Bass,Vocals
Nick Ponticello: Guitar
Tanner Norquist: Guitar

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Sound the alarm, we've sped past the places we've been
I left these years in the back of the car
We'll have to charm the spirits our folly let in
My conscience was lost but it can't be too far
Don't stray too far, the winds will blow you from your course
The lyrics we wrote sound like ties torn apart
And I'm too diluted to know where I'm from

On the floor in the garage
In your room with a knife to my wrist
But I don't care
Track Name: Restitution Blues
Shadows move with this in mind
They won't save you now, or ever
Treading through the past, take some shots for me
When genetics call, escape the revelry

The pressure builds and then it's gone
So I'll just walk another block
And I can't wait for this to take five years from memory
So there's nothing there, 'cuz there's nothing there

Taking on the aftershock, a turn one-eighty
The situation comes to show that I stopped caring
All the things I used to love are beside me
With everything my father's done, I leave this city
Track Name: Whirlpool
There's a war waged in our wake
Up to the sight of our hands on our hearts

Mark the pages of days I kept you close
Time will close the gates if I missed any notes

Used to taking time; fortify the line
Stop, drop, raise the banner for the things that tear us apart

Please don't go, it's all I've ever known
This tempo will break the metronome

Better times were back at seventeen
Waiting for a chance to blow off steam

And I won't leave you here, I won't let you go
I won't leave you here, it's all I've ever known
This tempo will break the metronome
Track Name: God's Thumb
Track Name: I Ran That Stoplight For You
Staying here with nothing going on
Never had time for last resorts
For sure, heat sinks into the poor at heart
And I'm not safe from it; I'm the moon, it's the sun

Taking time is wasting time for ones without a home
And the reach of holy spirits fell short every time I ever tried

There's a place for people like us
There's a way to learn to pray
For sure, I'm not one to say "I love you" to
I'll find solitude in you

So nothing can take my pride away
Nothing takes my pride away

Please don't forgive me
Please never forgive me

We are alone
I used to have friends, and I loved them more

I don't want a funeral
Track Name: There's No Going Back Now, I Guess
And I won't let this go
The seasons tell me what I need to know
That blankets on the golf course will keep our secrets safe
And leaving is a test of our faith
To recognize and realize that we're each others' brightest place

This town can't keep a straight face when we set a new course
Your eyes are fixed on mine as I walk out your door

This driveway's a fine place to be, not many know complacency
I know your thoughts on poetry, I'm never indifferent
The moon is smiling back at you as you avoid impending doom (We're alive, We're alive)
I'm sure that Hell has lots of room, I'm not alive (We're alive, We're not alive)